How Health Matters

Long before we have came into the modern age filled with saturated fats and deep fried candy bars, the common man was living a better quality and longer life. It was only until our taste buds began switching and our bodies became introduced into high sodium rich foods and therefor became somewhat addicted to them. As our society began to change so did our economy and on came the age of fast food and t.v. dinners. Soon meals were able to be prepared in no time and only now, that we are in the age of childhood obesity that we are witnessing the results of our actions.

fast burgers

Now what can come of these unhealthy habits if we do not change what is put into our bodies. I’m not going to get all crazy about the stuff and say that our bodies are our temples or things of that nature. But what I will do is make it be known that if we do not eat healthier foods on a consistent basis it will definitely lead to health issues.

Listen, bad food does bad things to the body. Once the immune system has been compromised from years ingesting poor choices of non nutritious foods you can basically guarantee yourself that a disease is headed your way.

Now in what way do you think this would effect a woman’s body. A woman’s body is susceptible to many diseases but the one that has been the most prevalent in my experiences has been ones that effect the nervous system. One of these in particular is fairly common but some may not know of it. It is Restless Leg Syndrome.

This disease effects the legs just like the name states and to get a better understanding head to this great website that I found at and have a look at the great information that is contained inside those pages. Not only does it cover how this horrible disease has become so prevalent in women and especially pregnant ones. But the website goes into deep detail about the key triggers as well as preventive measures that one can take.

From what I know restless leg symptoms can be described as an uncontrollable urge to not only move your legs while in the resting position but to also feel a burning and tingling sensation that could be equated having an extremity “fall asleep”. ┬áIn many cases that have been reported, it seems to be a deficiency in the magnesium or iron count.

Under diet or possibly next to it as one of the top causes could be the ever present stress we feel in our daily lives. Stress to pay the bills. Stress to have enough money for food. And so on and so on. It is a never ending cycle and it has been known to be one of the top killers in our nation.

Stress leads to heart disease, cancer and many other ailments of the body. One of the greatest parts about this RLS website is the fact that they advertise for a great stress relieving product. This is a relaxation 7 part series product that goes from breathing techniques to living well and visualizations.